GOP strategist says Rust Belt voters are ‘hardening’ their opposition to ‘insane fool’ Donald Trump
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

As President Donald Trump travels to Council Bluffs, Iowa to shore up his political support ahead of his 2020 re-election campaign, a top Republican strategist explained why his political problems may lie to the east.

John Weaver, the architect of John McCain's famous "Straight Talk Express" 2000 campaign bus, pointed out the weakness underlying the Trump campaign's latest bluff.

CNN obtained a polling memo from the Trump campaign's pollster, Tony Fabrizio theorizing the campaign should focus on "expanding the map" by campaigning in Oregon, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada.

"The reason the low travelers at the Trump "HQ" are throwing out darts about competing (LOL) in Oregon, New Mexico, New Hampshire, etc. is because Michigan, PA, North Carolina and others are hardening against this insane fool of a 'president,'" Weaver said, with scare quotes around the title "president."

He hashtagged his tweet with "desperate."