'He wants the spotlight back': CNN commentator says Trump is jealous of all the attention Democrats are getting
President Donald Trump delivers a sweaty speech in Wheeling, West Virginia during which he made up a bizarre alternative history of the Democratic Party's name/Screenshot

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump held a rally in Orlando, Florida to formally kick off his re-election campaign for 2020.

And as CNN's Gloria Borger explained to John Berman, Trump desperately needed this event — because he was jealous of how much coverage the Democratic presidential candidates are getting.

"One source told CNN campaign officials are hoping this event will satisfy the president's thirst for the spotlight and reset the campaign's efforts," said Berman. "This is the 60th campaign rally for the president. So is there any reason to think that this event could move the needle?"

"Not necessarily. I think it might make the president feel a lot better," said Borger. "He's been upset lately because there has been a lot of attention on Democratic candidates. You know he's been taking on Joe Biden every single day, and he's even upset at Fox News because they have the temerity to host town halls with, of all people, Democrats. So he didn't like that programming."

"He wants the spotlight back," Borger added. "He'll get it this evening. This is his kick off rally. But as you point out, he's been rallying since the day he's got elected, he's been raising money since the day he got elected. during the midterm elections, there were a lot of candidates complaining that the president was out raising money for his own reelection, and not for them."

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