‘Hope Hicks did not testify’: Rob Reiner says questioning ‘didn’t happen’ because it was not broadcast on TV
Rob Reiner on MSNBC (screengrab)

Hollywood director Rob Reiner said that because it happened behind closed doors, it was as if Hope Hicks never even testified before Congress.

Hicks, the former White House communications director, testified for seven hours. The interview was not broadcast, with the House Judicial Committee instead releasing a 273-page transcript of her testimony.

The director was interviewed on MSNBC by Chris Hayes on Thursday.

"Hope Hicks did not testify. Nobody knows about Hope Hicks," Reiner argued. "It didn’t happen."

"Because it didn’t happen in front of the cameras," Hayes said.

"And that means it didn’t happen," Reiner explained. "In terms of the public. They need to see people on television telling the story."

"If Hope Hicks, for instance, did what she did in closed session on camera, it would be shocking! And people would be talking about that for days," he continued.

"I one hundred percent agree with that," Hayes replied. "Very good point about what we’re seeing and what we’re not seeing. The book version and the movie version, which is sort of the key part of this whole thing."