Impeachment is no longer about ‘registering outrage’ — it’s now about ‘averting an ongoing crisis’: columnist
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. (Image via AFP/Saul Loeb.)

President Donald Trump continues to defy presidential norms.

Boston Globe’s Michael A. Cohen wrote that Trump's behavior would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous for Americans. Cohen explained that in one week, President Trump has shown to put his interest above the U.S.

Trump started the week by telling ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he would take dirt on a rival from foreign operatives. He also downplayed the threat of North Korea.

"For the president to suggest he would willingly take assistance from a foreign government to win an election is as close as you can get to unambiguously violating the presidential oath to protect and uphold the Constitution," Cohen wrote.

He went on to explain Trump's relationship with North Korea, "What is clear from all this is that the president is willing to ignore North Korea’s defiant behavior and give the country a pass for violating agreements between the sides as long as Kim says nice things to him. In effect, Trump is ignoring America’s national security interests to mollify his tender ego. This would be pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous."

Cohen said the impeachment debate is now about “averting an ongoing crisis.”

"These latest outrages only magnify the point that has been obvious for years now: the president is unfit for office. His only loyalty is to himself and his ego. He has no ethical or moral core. He doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, only what’s best for him personally," he said.

"It’s exhausting to have to keep repeating these essential facts, but it’s still necessary. Because there is little reason to believe he will stop. Calling for the impeachment of Trump is no longer just about registering outrage over his actions. It’s no longer just a response to the criminality exposed in the Mueller Report. It’s about averting an ongoing crisis — and stopping the president from actively undermining national security and American democracy on a daily basis," he wrote.

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