Informal Trump legal advisor urges potential witnesses to 'spit in the face' of House committee chairs
Attorney Joseph E. diGenova (Photo: Screen cap).

On Monday, Politico reported that House Democrats, enraged at the White House's blanket use of executive privilege to stonewall all attempts to call witnesses in the investigation of possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump, are weighing the idea of calling Trump associates who have never worked in the White House, including former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Trump campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski.

But according to Joseph DiGenova, a former federal prosecutor and Fox News commentator who represented two witnesses in former special counsel Robert Mueller's probe and gives Trump informal legal advice, these witnesses should just "spit in the face" of investigators.

"You know what happens in a hearing like that, the witness says, 'You know what, [House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold] Nadler, go to hell. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of what you've done to my family," said diGenova, according to Politico. "If they want to do that, I'd be there with a camera to watch that. How stupid. They think people are gonna roll over and play dead for these morons? They may accept just to have the opportunity to spit in the face of Elijah Cummings, Schiff and Nadler, and I would recommend that they do it."

DiGenova is known for peddling conspiracy theories about the 2016 election and the investigations into Trump. He proclaimed that the Mueller investigation was "a brazen plot to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and, if she didn’t win the election, to then frame Donald Trump with a falsely created crime," and at one point accused FBI Director Christopher Wray of planting fake stories about himself to keep the loyalty of out-of-control FBI agents.

DiGenova's remarks quickly sparked outrage: