InfoWars set to pay 'Pepe the Frog' creator $15,000: lawsuit
Alex Jones (YouTube)

On Monday, Alex Jones' far-right conspiracy website InfoWars settled a lawsuit against cartoonist Matt Furie.

Furie is the creator of "Pepe the Frog," which has been used for far-right campaigns and messaging.

"Furie has since tried to regain control over the character's image, pursuing legal action against a series of websites," a report from The Daily Beast said. "The InfoWars lawsuit, filed last year, centered on a poster sold by InfoWars featuring Pepe alongside Trumpworld personalities like Roger Stone, InfoWars founder Alex Jones, and pundits Diamond & Silk."

The lawsuit settled with $15,000 being paid out to Furie.

"From our perspective, we got everything we wanted," Louis Tompros, one of the attorneys representing Furie pro bono told The Beast.

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