'Kamala Harris had a moment that was 2 hours long': Van Jones reacts to Dem debate
Van Jones (CNN/screen grab)

CNN host Van Jones argued on Thursday that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) won the second Democratic presidential debate.

"Kamala Harris had a moment that was two hours long," Jones proclaimed following the event. "A star was born tonight. This is a masterful performance. She completely dominated the stage, and most importantly, she would kick Donald Trump’s butt, and she proved it tonight. That was — if you had any doubt that you could nominate a woman that would take Donald Trump to the woodshed, she just took it away from you."

According to Jones, former Vice President Joe Biden had a "breakdown" at the debate.

"Tonight we had a breakdown," he asserted. "Biden had the most to lose, and I think he lost it in that he never became that guy that everybody goes, that’s Joe. This is the guy who is going to make Trump look like an idiot. This is the guy who’s going to bring us back together."

"He just couldn’t pull it together," Jones said.

Watch the video below from CNN.