Laura Ingraham condemned for her racist attack on reparations — even by her own brother
Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

On Thursday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham scorned the proposal to give reparations to the African-Americans harmed both by the enslavement of their ancestors and the Jim Crow-era and modern policies that have discriminated against them, with a shockingly racist argument on her podcast.

"The whole world has been reshaped by people taking other people's land, it's called conquest," she said of the slavery and colonization in Africa responsible for racial inequities in the United States. "No do-overs ... we won, you lost, that's that."

Twitter promptly erupted in outrage at the openly white supremacist logic of Ingraham's remarks:

One of the most biting responses came from her estranged brother, Curtis Ingraham: