London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Trump: ‘You’re a poster boy for the far-right movement around the world’
Sadiq Khan (Screen Capture)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is berating President Donald Trump as the U.S. leader visits the UK for a three-day state visit. Khan, who was the target once again of attacks by the President, shared his thoughts about Trump's behavior.

"Surely we should be saying, 'Listen, you know, you do realize you’re a poster-boy for the far-right movement around the world?'" Khan said in an interview with Sky News Tuesday.

"We disagree with him surely on his policy to ban Muslims from the country. Surely disagree with his policy to separate children from their parents on the Mexican border. Surely we think it's wrong when he amplifies the tweets from racists in this country," Mayor Khan said.

He also criticized Trump for ignoring climate change and rejecting efforts to combat it.