Mexico has cultivated Jared Kushner as its fixer so it can ignore Trump's crazed tweets: report
Jared Kushner (Shutterstock)

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has emerged as a key figure in maintaining diplomatic ties between the United States and Mexico -- and giving Mexican officials a respite from worrying about the president's crazed tweets.

The Daily Beast reports that Kushner has "served as both a source of comfort and a backchannel" to Mexico "during a months-long process that was filled with threats of devastating tariffs and accusations that the country wasn’t doing enough to stem the tide of immigration to the U.S’s southern border."

The reason that Mexican officials have turned to Kushner, sources tell the Daily Beast, is that President Donald Trump's tweets are often filled with untruths and can't be relied on as official policy statements.

"The idea was always that Trump is an emperor that thinks he has clothes on but really doesn’t," one source explained. “I think they’ve found that they can come to rely on Jared."

Additionally, Mexican officials have found that Kushner actually seems to have access to the president, whereas top officials in the president's foreign policy team are often out of the loop.

"That Mexico turned to Kushner when dealing with threats from Trump may seem like an unorthodox form of diplomatic maneuvering," the publication writes. "But it also reflects the insular structure of Trump’s foreign policy apparatus, in which seasoned officials have seen their influence diminished by the president’s son-in-law and others inside the West Wing."

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