Mississippi fast food cashier ‘terminated immediately' for ugly racist slur on customer's receipt
An unidentified Who Dat's employee at the drive thru (Facebook)

The owner of a fast food restaurant in Mississippi "terminated immediately" an employee after a racist and misogynistic slur of patrons.

When Lex Washington visited Who Dat's Drive-Thru in Oxford with her roommate, the cashier listed them on the receipt as "black b*tches in a silver car."

A manager reportedly refused to apologize at the time, and instead "laughed in her face."

A photo of the receipt then spread on social media.

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Wylie Coleman, who owns Who Dat's Drive-Thru, spent 90 minutes speaking with Washington.

Coleman described Washington as "nothing but sweet & communicative" after the meeting.

"We have so much common ground," Coleman said. "I spoke with her in shock & remorse. Unexplainable to me were the words on the receipts."

"The first step was taken by myself to the employee who was informed that they were terminated immediately. Ms. Washington and I decided this was necessary because the food service could be jeopardized and that is the only way to start moving forward with what transpired," he noted.

"From the bottom of my heart I would like to apologize to the young ladies that were attacked by this injustice," Coleman said. "I am not only apologizing to her but to everyone & anyone that could subject to a label in life."

"I have taken the trash out on this instant that I am in control in, but I would like to inform everyone that I will not condone this anywhere," he added.

Coleman told the New York Daily News, he wanted to "reiterate the employee was terminated immediately.”