MSNBC panel left in silence after Nicolle Wallace asks 'what's wrong with Trump'
Donald Trump, photo by Gage Skidmore

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace played a series of clips of President Donald Trump speaking with Piers Morgan while in the UK. Trump, who clearly let down his guard, rattled off a treasure trove of bizarre comments, tried on a large hat and gave a new excuse for why he didn't serve in Vietnam.

But it was when Wallace asked the panel "what is wrong with him," that the shock came: the panel was in dead silence. It was clear the silence came not from confusion, not from a lack of words, rather it came from a panel wondering just where they should begin.

"It’s a shameful comment from the president," New York Times contributor and MSNBC commentator Matt Miller said. "This is a week he’s over there to commemorate sacrifice. A time hundreds of thousands of Americans sacrificed their lives to liberate Europe and some to liberate countries in Asia."

Miller said it would be different if Trump was a conscientious objector, but instead he got his father to score a fake diagnosis.

"That isn’t what he did," Miller continued. "His father paid to get him a phony medical deferment so he wouldn’t have to serve. So to hear him talk about the Vietnam War that way, at any time is bad, but this week is especially shameful, given what he’s going to tomorrow when he shows up at Normandy."

Fordham University Professor Christina Greer agreed, saying that Trump hasn't had to sacrifice anything his entire life.

"He has no shame," Greer said. "That’s what makes him dangerous. We giggle to keep from crying but this train wreck has all of us on it. He’s driving the global train. So when he goes to foreign soil and behaves in this manner, he does not understand the role of the United States president and where they sit in a global-sphere, let alone domestically."

She noted that this isn't the first time he's done it or even that the media has talked about it. When it came to the Queen, she recalled that the Queen was actually alive on D-Day.

"This is normal for him. To speak about the Queen -- you know, she walks fast?" she wondered. "Is that your takeaway from meeting one of the — she was alive on D-Day! If this doesn’t have to do with him, he’s not interested nor is he interested in learning about it. He doesn’t read, he’s said it time and time again, he doesn’t need to read because he knows things."

"I want to ask you guys something uncomfortable -- a serious question, what’s wrong with him?" Wallace asked, met only with silence.

"Where to begin," said Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff to the CIA.

He called Trump an embarrassment "who's acting like a stand-up comic."

"Narcissistic personality disorder," was Bash's diagnosis. "I think at the start, we have someone who does not appreciate history. Believes that the presidency is there to serve him and his interests. And fundamentally he will do a deal with whoever he thinks benefits him."

Watch the full panel below: