'My support is very strained!' Fed-up rural Trump supporters 'tired' of getting hammered by his trade war
President Donald Trump yells at reporters (Screen cap).

Rural Trump voters are sticking with the president -- but they tell Bloomberg News that he is not making it easy.

Scott Henry, an Iowa soybean farmer, admitted he and his fellow farmers were "tired and frustrated" by the president's trade wars, which he has described as "hard to watch."

"My support for President Trump is very strained right now," he added.

Nonetheless, Henry is sticking by Trump and he likes the president's pledge to fight for the "forgotten" people in rural America.

Leland Strom, former chairman of the Farm Credit Administration Board, tells Bloomberg that rural Americans aren't abandoning Trump because they believe he is at least trying to stop their communities from falling into further economic decay.

"Rural America has been in decline for four decades, and I think rural residents are willing to ride this out with the hope that he can bring back some manufacturing," he explained.

However, National Corn Growers Association President Lynn Chrisp tells Bloomberg that American farmers right now are facing a "perfect storm" of bad conditions that are hurting them, and he says that further trade wars are something that farmers "cannot afford."