New biographer claims she knows how Kim Jong Un will die
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told President Vladimir Putin the US had acted in 'bad faith' at his summit with Donald Trump, KCNA said AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV

A new biography about Kim Jong Un by Anna Fifield is uncovering many of the unique moments in the childhood of the North Korean dictator. But one piece that isn't included in the book is her prediction for how the leader will die.

In a CNN interview with Brian Todd, Fifield explained that Kim's chain-smoking, drinking and consumption of rich and fatty foods would likely be his undoing. She doesn't anticipate he'll ever have a coup d'etat, but he could probably have a heart attack.

Other shocking observations she made include that Kim's parents had to bring in children so that he would have someone to play with him, effectively meaning his "friends" were paid for.

She also noted that she doesn't believe he is a psychopath or sociopath.

"He's brutal and a tyrant, but he is not psychopathic. He's not irrational. He approached this task in a very cold, clinical, ruthless way."

Fifield said that when it comes to the close relationship he's attempting to build with President Donald Trump, it's all for the purposes of manipulating the United States leader.

Watch her comments below: