Office of Special Counsel has a 'clear-cut case' against Kellyanne Conway: Fox News legal analyst
Kellyanne Conway -- ABC screenshot

Fox News senior legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Thursday said it was clear that White House advisor Kellyanne Conway repeatedly violated federal law.

The Office of Special Counsel said that Kellyanne Conway should be removed from her position after repeatedly engaging in political speech in her official capacity.

"The office is headed by a man who was appointed by President Trump," Fox News host Shepard Smith noted. "It said, if left unpunished, her actions send the message to all federal employees that they need not abide by the Hatch Act."

Napolitano explained that the regulation prevented federal employees from engaging in partisan attacks while on federal property or using federal assets.

"It seems like a pretty clear-cut case to me, and it seems like her behavior is repeated," Napolitano said.

Ordinarily, the Hatch Act is "so well-abided by that members of Congress know that they can’t engage in partisan political politics on the telephone from their own offices in the House of Representatives," Napolitano said.

"They have to go to the call center," Smith added.