Republicans start ad campaign during Fox & Friends to explain obstruction of justice to ill-informed viewers
Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be opening a new stage in the Russia collusion investigation. (AFP/File / Saul LOEB)

Wednesday, a group known as "Republicans for the Rule" will start running an ad that explains what obstruction of justice is too ill-informed Fox News viewers.

During an MSNBC interview last week, a Michigan Trump supporter said that she had no idea that something was found in the Mueller report. She explained that she only watches conservative news. Cable news outlets latched onto the interview as proof that Fox seems to be working in conjunction with the White House to manifest outright propaganda.

It's unclear if this was the motivation for the Republican group targeting Trump, but it comes at a unique moment in the ongoing battle to explain the special counsel's report to the 70 percent of Americans who haven't read it.

The 30-second spot will appear on Fox & Friends. A 60-second ad will appear "across all Sinclair networks during the evening news." Sinclair is a right-leaning company that has recently taken over most local news stations.

Watch the video below: