Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied ‘proudly and with impunity’ because she was raised to be ‘impervious to reason’: WH reporter
White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders (Screenshot)

Outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was blasted by a White House correspondent for her brazen lying from the White House podium.

"Sarah Sanders is a true believer. Conditioned by an upbringing rooted in Christian rhetoric that's impervious to reason, she views the world through a lens in which everything exists in absolutes," Playboy magazine White House correspondent Brian Karem wrote.

Her father, Mike Huckabee, is an Evangelical pastor who served as the Republican governor of Arkansas prior to unsuccessful presidential bids.

"It is scary enough to deal with this mindset in religious circles, but Sanders has applied it to politics, and to Donald Trump. It explains her defenses of Trump against all odds, her unflappable ability to tell the most egregious lies, to deny facts and to look upon those who stand against the president—or in the case of reporters asking questions, as heathens and/or unwashed sinners incapable of understanding 'The Truth' she claims to provide," he explained.

"Any claims of Christian good charity from this administration melted away when I confronted her about having empathy for young refugees the administration puts in cages. Her tenure as a presidential press secretary is replete with propaganda instead of facts and the details will be studied in post-secondary education circles for years," he argued.

"Sanders, who announced last week she is leaving, walks away from the White House leaving a smoldering caldera of scorched earth and the desecration of our founding fathers precepts which metaphorically represent the Armageddon her religion taught her. She was never qualified to hold the post of Press Secretary," Karem wrote. "She is naïve, unexperienced (sic) and didn’t know the purpose of the office or how to deal with the press in a functional way. During the last two years, she abandoned the traditional role of the Press Secretary in favor of being the president’s chief defender; in doing so, she never faltered come hell, high water or a lack of factual information."

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