Tennessee House Speaker will score $15,000 in tax-payer dollars after he resigns in disgrace
Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada (Image credit: NewsChannel 5 / screengrab)

On Tuesday, embattled, scandal-ridden Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada finally announced he will be resigning from the legislature, an announcement that was expected after his own caucus issued a vote of no confidence in him.

There's just one catch: Casada has announced that he will be resigning in August — 72 days from now. Which means he stands to collect nearly $15,000 in taxpayer-funded salary even after having resigned in disgrace:

Casada has been surrounded by a dark cloud ever since a series of texts emerged showing his top aide Cade Cothren using the N-word, admitting to snorting cocaine in the state capital, and bragging about his sexual conquests at campaign-funded functions. Casada originally tried to pass it off as a liberal hit job, but the text messages shortly showed him talking openly with Cothren about some of this behavior, including joking with him about his sexual stamina.