Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe profanely rips Trump and vows she won’t go to the White House
Soccer player Megan Rapinoe, photo by Jamie Smed.

U.S. women's national soccer team star Megan Rapinoe will not be visiting the White House if the team successfully repeats their Women's World Cup victory.

"I'm not going to the f*cking White House," she told Eight By Eight Magazine.

"We're not going to be invited," she added.

On Monday, President Donald Trump ripped Rapinoe for protesting during the national anthem.

Rapinoe no longer sings along with the Star-Spangled Banner and does not put her hand over her heart. She also once knelt in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

When asked if Rapinoe actions are appropriate, Trump said, "No, I don't think so."

While Trump offered an opinion on the appropriateness of Rapinoe's speech, he did not offer an opinion on whether the Women's national team players should make as much as their male peers.

"But I haven’t taken a position on that at all," Trump said. "I’d have to look at it."