‘Squish brained’: Trump brutally mocked for claiming Medal of Honor recipient killed insurgent ‘wearing a wardrobe’
President Donald Trump speaking at Medal of Honor ceremony (Photo: Screen capture)

In a bizarre moment of awarding the Medal of Honor to an Iraq War veteran, President Donald Trump pivoted from his remarks to say that the soldier was attacked by someone "wearing a wardrobe." Typically when Trump fumbles his remarks, he restates them. In this case, he said the correct phrase and then changed it to something strange.

"Then a third assailant burst out of a wardrobe -- wearing a wardrobe," Trump said.

It's unclear if the president understands that a wardrobe is also a piece of furniture in addition to a collection of clothing, either way he seemed confused, according to observers. Fake Congressman Jack Kimble said, however, that it made much more sense.

Many took to the internet to question the mental acuity of the president.

Watch the video below and read the best tweets below that: