The funniest moments from the Democratic debate – night one
Julian Castro (Photo: AFP)

It was Julian Castro's big night; Elizabeth Warren stood head and shoulders above Jay Inslee; Cory Booker almost made us cry; and everyone spoke Spanish at one point or another (kind of).

It was a huge night for Democrats in Miami as the first night of the Democratic debate commenced for two hours. Except for that sound issue during the bottom half of the night where we saw Rachel Maddow calming down Chuck Todd like a mother and son duo - one with obvious experience (Rachel) and the other with an intention and no confidence to back it up (Chuck), it was definitely anything but "BORING."

Then there was that time trans issues were a thing during  the Democratic debate...and we soaked it all up because it was about time.

Amy Klobuchar had some of the best lines of the night, between wanting to have a beer and a woman's right to choose.

It was an electric night with a lot of heart on the Democratic stage - and tonight we'll experience Round 2 with another 10 candidates fighting for the mic.