The only thing worse than Trump is his base: conservative columnist
Trump supporters cheer on election night 2016. (Image via Mandel Ngan/AFP.)

On Monday, conservative columnist Max Boot ripped President Donald Trump's supporters for failing to hold the president accountable in a column for The Washington Post. 

Boot noted that in one week, Trump's base has shown their motive and missed opportunities to condemn the president over his unprecedented actions.

"The Trump administration presents a series of unanswerable moral riddles. What's worse — President Trump's outrageous acts? His gaslighting? His followers' eagerness to join him in coverups and lies? All three were on display this week, as they have been pretty much every week since Jan 20, 2017," Boot wrote.

He explained that Trump's base failed to stand up to Trump -- even after he said he would take campaign help from a foreign operative.

In an interview ABC's George Stephanopoulos, Trump said that he would take dirt on a political opponent from foreign intelligence. Boot noted that after the comments the GOP was pretty silent.

"Few Republicans were willing to defend Trump's egregious comments outright. Instead, they deflected and minimized. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made it sound as if the real problem was Democrats 'trying to keep the 2016 election alive,'" he wrote.

Adding, "Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-OK), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that this was not one of Trump's 'best statements' (please cite Trump's best statement, Senator), but he praised Trump for his 'refreshing habit of saying what he thinks.' I can think of many ways to describe the president bragging about breaking the law, but 'refreshing; isn't one of them. I suppose that's one reason I'm not a Republican member of Congress.

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