Trump aides admit Kamala Harris 'looked strong on stage' at Democratic debate: report
Sen. Kamala Harris (ABC)

Aides traveling in South Korea with President Donald Trump all found time to watch the Democratic Party debates -- and some are acknowledging Kamala Harris had a breakout night.

"But President Trump has been less sure-footed about how he would take on Senator Kamala Harris if she were to be his rival. And after her breakout performance in the Democratic presidential primary debate on Thursday night, Trump campaign aides and allies acknowledged that Ms. Harris, a black former prosecutor from the donor-laden state of California, could prove to be a vexing adversary," The New York Times reported.

Iam Sams, the national press secretary for Harris, tweeted out a link to the story with that quote.

That got the attention of Los Angeles Times White House reporter Eli Stokols.

"While Trump said yesterday Harris got 'too much credit' for her debate performance, some aides traveling with him (who all found time to watch the debate amid the G-20) said privately that she looked strong on stage," Stokols reported.