Trump and everyone around him are trying to prove they can do worse with Russia in 2020
MSNB anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's insistence on siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin is creating a doomsday scenario for the 2020 presidential campaign.

On MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" with Nicolle Wallace, the panel discussed the ethics of government officials refusing to brief Trump on delicate aspects of their efforts to contain provocations from Russia.

"In a normal White House these comments and questions would be right questions," analyst John Heilemann said. "But clearly what’s going on is that much of the national security establishment looks at Trump said he’s not fully on board with the objectives that we’re pursuing by trying to keep Russia at bay."

"No, what I see is a huge problem with the president of the United States whose loyalties are in question among his own national security advisers, which is I think the real problem," he added.

But we're talking around the truth that Donald Trump’s conduct was so suspicious that acting director of the FBI Andy McCabe opened a full-fledged investigation to answer the question, 'Is he a Russian agent?'" Wallace noted.

"Not only is this conversation out of a time capsule, we’re also not addressing the central question, it and while Robert Mueller didn’t prove a criminal conspiracy with Russia, the truth is Donald Trump and everyone around him is leaning into -- you know, you want to see collusion, people, 2016 was nothing -- here’s what we got coming in 2020," she added.