Trump angrily attacks Mueller for 'terminating' text messages of FBI agents in incoherent Fox Business rant
President Donald Trump rants in the White House Rose Garden (Screen cap).

In a bizarre interview on Fox Business on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump attacked former special counsel Robert Mueller, accusing him of "terminating" the text messages of FBI agents to conceal anti-Trump bias by the bureau.

"You know what I used to say we will find out, they spied on my campaign, and when you look at somebody saying, listen she is going to win but if she doesn’t we have an insurance policy," said Trump. "You know what insurance policy is? An insurance policy to get him out of office. These are sick people, two lovers the two pathetic lovers, two lovebirds sung like nobody ever sung."

"Wait till you see the rest," said Trump. "Robert Mueller, they worked for him, and two lovers were together, they had texts back and forth, email back and forth. You know why? Terminated illegally, he terminated all stuff between Strzok and Page, some you have never seen. Robert Mueller terminated their text messages, together, he terminated them, they are gone. And that is illegal. He that is a crime."

FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two FBI employees who were caught having an affair, have been a subject of Trump's ire because leaked text messages showed them criticizing him as a candidate. There remains no evidence, however, that they improperly influenced the Russia investigation for political gain — let alone that the special counsel "terminated" their online communications to cover it up.

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