Trump biographer mocks president for humiliating foreign policy 'triple fail'
President Donald Trump responds to a question about Jussie Smollett (Screen cap).

Trump biographer Timothy O'Brien on Monday published a column for Bloomberg in which he mocked the president for suffering a humiliating foreign policy "triple fail" that exposed his presidency's biggest weaknesses.

In his column, O'Brien pointed out that Trump's threats of major actions against Mexico and Iran never amounted to anything, while also noting that the president backed off his plans to begin the mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.

"Trump launched all three episodes with public threats and bravado showcased on Twitter, embroidered them with promises of imminent and decisive action, and tethered them to the notion that complex challenges can be solved with blunt force wielded by a single man," he wrote. "He then abruptly abandoned all three provocations just before they were to take effect."

O'Brien said that Trump's behavior as president fits a pattern that he observed when he was writing a book about Trump's actions as a businessman: Namely, that he would use brash hyperbole to make empty promises, and would then leave investors holding the bag when he couldn't fulfill them.

"The only real difference between what he’s doing now and what he was doing in his businesses decades ago is who it affects," he concluded. "Long ago, his bungling harmed his investors and employees and some of the communities in which he operated. It was troubling, but the damage was limited. Now Trump inhabits the presidency and the radius of potential wreckage is global."

Read the whole column here.