Trump campaign frantically announces new 'polls' to counter data that shows him losing — but there’s one problem
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Frantically trying to contain the embarrassment after President Donald Trump fired his own internal pollsters for showing him trailing Democrats in key states he previously carried, the Trump campaign is now trying to claim that the bad polls are relying on old numbers and they have newer data that is much more favorable to the president.

But as CNN's Abby Phillip explained on Tuesday evening to anchor John Berman, there's a major problem with the new numbers — they aren't actually matching Trump up with Democrats.

"Despite what the president said publicly about this polling being fake, your sources tell a different story," said Berman.

"Absolutely, John," said Phillip. "The president wants the world to believe that he is at the strongest position today as he has ever been, but the numbers just simply don't bear that out and the president's campaign is not denying the poll numbers exist. They're just trying to downplay them, trying to say that the numbers are old. Trying to say that have done new polling that's not even comparable to the original reporting. They are talking about issue area polling."

"They are saying they polled certain issues and that the president's version of those issues polled better than the Democrats' version, but that's very different from a head-to-head poll," said Phillip. "And that's why you've seen the president really lash out here really pushing his campaign to deal with the issue of the leak, more so than the underlying problem, which is what is going on with President Trump and these battleground states and why is it that at this stage in the presidency, with the economy going so well, he seems to be having such a hard time."

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