Trump delivers nonsensical answer when asked if he should be on Mt. Rushmore
President Donald Trump speaks on the White House lawn (Screen cap).

In an interview with The Hill published on Tuesday, President Donald Trump was asked whether he felt he should be sculpted onto Mount Rushmore with other major American presidents.

In response, the president delivered a completely incoherent reply.

Trump began his response by trying to address the question about whether he should be on Mount Rushmore.

"If I answer that question yes, I will end up with such bad publicity," Trump said.

From there, however, he went off on a strange tangent about fireworks displays at Mt. Rushmore.

"Well , look, I have a lot of respect; even Mount Rushmore; so for many, many years they got, they had fireworks, right?" Trump said. "Many, many years. And [Gov. Kristi Noem], your new governor, she’s a great person. She called, she said, sir, for many years we had tremendous fireworks on the 4th of July. We don’t have it anymore. Can you do something? And I got it approved. Starting , next season, it was not easy, starting next season , Mount Rushmore will have tremendous fireworks like they had for many years. But they ended it a long time ago, but they didn’t want, but they didn’t have fireworks because of, I don't know, I think they thought, thought the stone was gonna catch on fire."

In fact, the fireworks displays at Mt. Rushmore were stopped beginning in 2010 because officials were worried that higher temperatures, as well as an infestation of pine beetles that leave lots of dead wood in their wake, could significantly increase the risks of a massive forest fire in the area surrounding the mountain.

According to the Argus Leader, South Dakota believes it is able to once again have fireworks at Mt. Rushmore because "the forest has revitalized" over the last several years and "pyrotechnic advancements have allowed for a safe fireworks display."