Trump is 'completely shutting down' oversight: CNN's Toobin slams the White House's move to limit Hope Hicks testimony
Hope Hicks (ABC News/screen grab)

On Tuesday, CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin tore into President Donald Trump's White House for moving to limit what former Communications Director Hope Hicks can tell the House Judiciary Committee in her upcoming testimony.

Hope Hicks, a former communications official at the White House, will testify behind closed doors tomorrow in the House of Representatives, the Judiciary Committee," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "But the White House is now saying she has immunity — she doesn't have to answer questions regarding the time she served in the White House."

"You said she's going to give testimony," said Toobin. "I believe she will attend the hearing. I think that's the accurate way to put this."

"She has the answer questions about before she came to the White House," added Blitzer.

"Who cares? That's not the real purpose of her testimony," said Toobin furiously. "This is just a further example of how the White House is completely shutting down the congressional oversight function for anything involving the presidency, and what the Judiciary Committee, what Congress has to do is get these things into court or else the clock's just going to run out on all these investigations."

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