Trump supporter gets into public fight with actress Indya Moore of 'Pose'
Trump supporter gets in fight with actress Indya Moore (Photo: Screen capture)

Actress Indya Moore of the luxury-universe television show "Pose" on the FX network, had a nasty run-in with a supporter of President Donald Trump.

According to TMZ, Moore saw the supporter holding up his sign and a fight broke out. It's unclear what the verbal exchange was between the two prior to punches being thrown. Moore, who identifies as transgender as well as non-binary, was captured on video stomping on the Trump sign expressing faux concern.

"Oh my," they said, walking away with the sign.

That was when Dion Cini, the owner of the sign stepped in to grab his stuff. Cini then shoved Moore and all hell broke loose. Another man got involved who also got shoved around.

Another man intervened between the groups to deescalate the scene. Moore then knocked off the "MAGA" hat and police stepped in.

Cini told TMZ that he filed a police report for larceny because the sign is "custom-made" and cost him about $250.

"Trump, of course, kicked off Pride Month by saying we should celebrate and 'recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation,'... while his administration announced a proposal that would essentially allow health care providers to discriminate based on gender identity," Moore tweeted.

Trump promised LGBTQ people that he would be their greatest advocates. Instead, he's barred, transgender people from serving in the military and told international embassies not to fly an LGBT pride flag during Pride Month. Trump also promoted a Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) expansion of what's called "the conscience rule," which allows health care providers to deny medical care to people they object to. It allows physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and teachers—to turn away any LGBTQ people they want based on religious reasons.

Watch the video below: