Trump supporter struggles to explain racism towards Muslim neighbor: ‘They were just — walking around’
Young Somali girl via Shutterstock

In an extensive report by The New York Times, Somali refugees in St. Cloud, Minnesota lamented that they face an absurd amount of racism after fleeing ISIS and a war-torn country.

The story describes a local meeting at the Faith Lutheran Church where a free-flowing discussion about politics, abortion, and more quickly turned to discuss the so-called "refugee problem."

Nearly every person in attendance gave support to President Donald Trump. "Others said that markers of progress were more interpersonal, and they would only be comfortable in their community if the Somali-born refugees converted to Christianity," the Times wrote.

But it was one woman, who declined to give her name, complained about what she called "no-go zones" where "white residents said they felt uncomfortable" because of the presence of Somali-Americans.

"They were just —" the woman paused, and the Times described her as "searching for the words to describe the offending behavior of the Somali-Americans."

"They were just walking around," the woman complained.

One of the stories the piece outlines is a 21-year-old young woman named Ekram Elmoge. She said that the city was "diversity without inclusion." Describing harassment by white residents, she recalled white students yelling at her, "Go back to your country!" and "You're here for free money!"

The stories got worse from there.

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