Trump supporters cry bitter tears after seeing photo of black women graduating from West Point
In this May 7, 2019 photo, black female cadets with the Class of 2019 pose at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. The 34 women comprise a small slice of the roughly 1,000 cadets in the class. The cadets say they're proud to be part of a milestone at the historic academy after four years of testing their limits. (Cadet Hallie H. Pound/U.S. Army via AP)

A photo featuring dozens of black women who graduated from West Point this year has enraged a group of Trump supporters who say it's part of a plot to eliminate white people.

In a thread over at /r/The_Donald, which is Reddit's most popular forum for Trump supporters, one user posted the photo of the recent West Point graduates along with a title that read, "Diversity just means 'less white people.'"

The women had been touted by both West Point and in media reports as part of the most diverse class in the military academy's history, which further angered /r/The_Donald's subscribers.

"In this case, [diversity means] no white people," complained one subscriber.

Other Trump supporters were quick to mock the women's figures, as one claimed that "they look like they could barely run a block to a McDonalds" and another claimed that "the worst things in life are fat sassy black chicks in charge of white men in stressful situations."

One subscriber stuck up for the women and said that it was wrong to attack recent West Point graduates who had done nothing to Trump supporters except successfully graduate from America's most prestigious military academy.

"Comments like this are why the Left call Trump supporters racist and why I get lumped in with people like you," the subscriber complained -- and their comment was quickly hit with down votes.