Trump trade adviser clashes with CNN's Jim Sciutto over Mexico tariffs

President Donald Trump continues to threaten Mexico with harsh tariffs, in an effort to get the nation to yield to his demands to stop migration.

Trump pledged to impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods from Mexico beginning next Monday -- even though the economic sanctions are likely to backfire on American importers.

On CNN Wednesday, host Jim Sciutto called out senior Trump advisor Peter Navarro, pointing out that the policy will likely hurt American businesses.

"Should Americans expect the President to relent on this, or will he go forward?" Sciutto wanted to know.

Navarro referenced a "conveyor belt" of illegal entries as a justification for the tariffs -- which even Republicans oppose.

"Every American understands that this is an emergency and a surge," Navarro claimed about immigration at the Southwest border.

"To be fair not every American ... even Republicans rejected the emergency declaration," Sciutto countered.

He pointed out that even Ted Cruz is opposed to the tariffs, calling them a "30 billion dollar tax increase on Texans."

"It's not nonsense that importers pay tariffs, we've been interviewing them every day," Sciutto noted.

"Are these American producers in Texas lying?" Sciutto demanded to know.