Trump tweets disturbing doctored video of Time Magazine showing him running ‘4EVA’
Donald Trump 4EVA

President Donald Trump tweeted out a fake, doctored TIME magazine animated cover that ends with the President standing behind a campaign sign that shows him running for election for thousands of years, and concludes, "TRUMP 4EVA," meaning Trump forever.

The animated graphic reportedly was made by a pro-Trump meme maker, but based on a nine month-old TIME cover story, "How Trumpism Will Outlast Trump," from October 2018.

TIME magazine's current cover is less flattering.

It's current cover story: "'My whole life is a bet.' Inside President Trump’s gamble on an untested re-election strategy."

The President is under fire Friday for his decision-making process Thursday, when he verbally threatened Iran, backtracked, ordered a military strike against the country, then called it off in mid-air ten minutes before the attack would have started – all in under 12 hours.

He's also today fending off yet another sexual assault accusation – this one clearly an accusation of rape – from an accomplished and respected columnist.