Trump 'will put self-interest ahead of country': Legal scholar reveals what president means by 'the FBI is wrong'
MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley (screengrab)

Legal analyst and Professor Maya Wiley explained in a phone interview with MSNBC that Trump is revealing a lot about himself in this new ABC interview.

Host Ari Melber asked if it was Trump's call to overrule the FBI.

"He’s not qualified to override the FBI’s statement of law," Wiley said laughing. "He’s not an attorney. As someone who lacks foreign policy and counterintelligence experience is once again refusing to listen to his experts in government. That’s one thing and it’s bad."

Now, Trump is saying that a foreign government like Russia or China, he would accept the intelligence from them on his opponent.

"This president has said regularly if they offer me dirt in a U.S. Presidential election, information on opponents, I’m not even going stop and consider what their motives are," Wiley continued. "I am not going to stop and consider whether or not there is a national security concern and I am not going to consider contacting counterintelligence officials."

She went on to say that Americans keep seeing this over and over with the president.

"This is a pattern," Wiley said. "He has undermined the morale of the FBI. He's asked his own Attorney general to open an investigation into the FBI. He acted as if the FBI is less trustworthy than [Russian President Vladimir] Putin himself. That should be a deep concern to most Americans. But let's also remember, that what he is saying in a statement, 'I will put my self-interest ahead of the country’s.'"

Watch the full clip below: