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‘Trump’s 2020 campaign is open for business’ for more foreign election meddling: MSNBC host



In a Wednesday interview with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, the president admitted on camera that he doesn’t think it should be illegal for a candidate to take “dirt” from a foreign adversary that has hacked an opposing campaign. It prompted the host to wonder if it was a signal to other countries as the new election begins.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said that it’s very clear the president is signaling “Trump 2020 campaign is open for business” from foreign leaders.

“Two years of the Mueller report and now we have the president’s motive,” Matthews said. “There is nong wrong with taking dirt from the Russians. It’s a shocking statement from a president who won with help from Moscow in 2016 and signals to foreign governments around the world that his 2020 campaign is open for business.”

Trump has continued to make friends with Russian leaders as well as North Korea, who has been known to hack United States businesses.

“It’s so inconsistent with the values we all understand our politicians live by, Republican and Democrat,” said NBC national security reporter Ken Dilanian. “It’s outside the mainstream. Stephanopoulos went on to say, ‘By the way, had a debate prep book from George W. Bush. He called the FBI.’ He didn’t use it because that was the ethos. And Trump is blowing it all up. And you’re absolutely right, he’s sending a signal to the Chinese and the Russians and anyone who want to interfere, it’s open season. Hack, investigate, use intelligence methods to get incriminating information about opponents and hand it to Donald Trump.”

“When I heard the president say that and nothing wrong with taking dirt from a foreign power, I thought that’s why his lawyers wouldn’t let him give live testimony,” Matthew said. “Because they were afraid this character would just do a Perry Mason and say ‘All right, I did. So what?'”


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‘No locks’: GOPer says kids at migrant camps are ‘free to leave anytime’ but they don’t because they like it



Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) argued on Monday that children at border detention facilities are "free to leave" if they do not like the conditions.

In an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Burgess said that he has not personally seen the appalling conditions that media often describe for the children at the centers.

"So you think this is fictional?" Hayes asked.

"I don't know if it's hyperbole," Burgess replied. "Hatred for this president is so intense that people are liable to say anything."

"I've been to the [detention center] at Casa Padre," the congressman added. "Yes, it's a restored K-Mart. But you know what? There's not a lock on the door. Any child is free to leave at anytime but they don't. You know why? Because they are well taken care of."

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Kushner’s ‘Time Square Dream’ real estate project is failing: report



In 2018, Jared Kushner's real estate empire was in serious trouble — 666 Fifth Avenue, which Kushner had purchased at the top of the market just before the financial crisis, was hemorrhaging money and unable to rent out all its space. The company averted disaster with a bailout from Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian company with ties to the state investment fund of Qatar.

Now, according to Bloomberg News, Kushner's company is in trouble again as yet another New York property is bleeding red ink.

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Moderate Dem lawmaker tells CNN why Trump’s ‘appalling behavior’ changed his mind on impeachment



Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), a moderate Democrat and a member of the centrist New Democrat Coalition, went on CNN on Tuesday to explain why he has changed his mind and now supports starting an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

In an interview with CNN's John Berman, Himes said that Trump has regularly shown that he doesn't care about obeying the law, as evidenced by his decision to completely shrug off his own Office of Special Counsel's finding that adviser Kellyanne Conway has repeatedly violated the Hatch Act.

"Kellyanne Conway had clearly broken the law and she should be removed from office," Himes said. "And the president said, 'Ah heck, that doesn't matter.'"

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