'Trump’s anti-Constitutional rot is infecting Bill Barr': Former top Justice Department lawyer
Attorney General Bill Barr. (Screenshot)

Former Solicitor General Neal Katyal told MSNBC host Brian Williams that he loves the Justice Department and has respected every attorney general regardless of the party they've been appointed under. But when it comes to Attorney General Bill Barr, something is very wrong.

"I do feel like President Trump's anti-Constitutional rot is infecting now the Attorney general, the highest legal officer in the land. And in particular, that clip you just showed, I think, demonstrates the problem," Katyal said.

He noted that last week Barr told CBS that the special counsel could have made a decision and the office of legal counsel opinion doesn't mean what Robert Mueller thinks it means. When Katyal was watching the confirmation hearing of Barr, he said the exact opposite.

"Barr said exactly the reverse, and actually went out and criticized [former FBI director James] Comey when he didn't indict Hillary Clinton -- then attacking Hillary Clinton," he continued. "He said, that isn't what the Justice Department does. That's not the way it does business. You either indict or be quiet. Now he's saying something very different. I think it furthers this underlying perception that we have an attorney general who is willing to do anything, say anything to protect his boss, and that is not the job of The Nation's chief law enforcement official."

He did not say whether or not he opposes the impeachment of Attorney General Bill Bar, however.

Watch the full clip below: