Trump's DOJ is negotiating with Dems because they are 'very clearly concerned' about Barr contempt vote: Reporter
Attorney General William Barr. (Screenshot/YouTube)

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice offered to give the House Judiciary Committee additional documents on former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation — an apparent attempt to persuade them to drop the upcoming vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress.

And according to CNN congressional reporter Sunlen Serfaty, it is a sign that threats from House Democrats are legitimately worrying the Trump administration.

"It certainly suggests that they are very clearly concerned about the contempt vote that is looming large right now, hanging over their head," said Serfaty. "It is still scheduled for one week from today next Tuesday, June 11th, here on Capitol Hill. The DOJ clearly signaling in this letter sent the House Judiciary Committee today that they want this threat essentially to be off the table, and that they are willing to make some concessions."

"The letter sent to the committee says that they will work with them on responding to a narrowed subpoena, potentially producing just a limited set of documents over to the committee, not the full unredacted report, not the full underlying evidence that Robert Mueller used in his report," added Serfaty. "Of course, key here is that they are willing to do so if that contempt threat is off the table."

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