Trump’s ‘policy schizophrenia’ is why he’s been ‘checkmated’ on both Iran and North Korea: Nicolle Wallace
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace admitted being terrified by President Donald Trump's foreign policy chaos as the administration appears intent on war with Iran.

"For an administration that seems to get lost in its own fog of chaos and dysfunction that comes with everything from immigration policy to the president's internal battleground state polls, there may be no chapter quite as terrifying as watching Donald Trump march to the beat of his own drums of war with Iran, after making a series of moves seen around the world escalating with an already fraught escalation with Iran, Donald Trump now finds himself largely checkmated on two intractable fronts, Iran and North Korea," Wallace reported.

"Trump on Monday dispatching 1,000 more troops to the Middle East as part of his escalation with Iran, but in a sign of policy schizophrenia his Secretary of State out today with a more dovelike message," she noted.

"The policy whiplash more disorienting than comforting, particularly as Trump's abject failure to halt North Korea’s pursuit of a full nuclear weapon is on full display as he sounds more like a devoted schoolboy with a crush on the brutal dictator of North Korea than a serious consumer of intelligence community assessments," she noted.

"We’re way past love letters, folks, but it is the constant churn of chaos that surrounds everything from Trump’s Twitter pronouncements to his aide's contradictory public statements to his abrupt change of personnel that leaves the world on edge," she explained.