Unemployment rises in eight Trump states -- and it could cost him in 2020
Trump supporters at a rally in Minnesota on March 4, 2017. (Fibonacci Blue/Flickr)

President Donald Trump is counting on the economy to remain strong throughout 2020 -- but it's already showing some signs of slowing in a couple of key states.

CNBC reports that unemployment in eight different states that Trump won in 2016 has actually risen year-over-year, and it's eroded his popularity.

Although Trump is still very popular in some of these states, including Mississippi and South Carolina, the latest Morning Consult poll cited by CNBC shows that the president actually has a negative net approval rating in the states of North Carolina and Arizona, which are two states that he will need to hold if he wants to win in 2020.

In total, Arizona and North Carolina account for 26 votes in the electoral college. Trump has a net approval rating of -4 percent in North Carolina and of -6 percent in Arizona, according to Morning Consult.

Given that Trump won both of two states by less than 4 percentage points in 2016, a slight shift away from the president could be enough to tip those states away from him and toward his eventual Democratic rival.