Utah cop pulls gun on black child playing in his grandparents' yard
Police officer with a gun (Shutterstock)

Police in Utah reportedly drew a gun on a 10-year-old black child and his mother is demanding an investigation, reports WIVB.

Jerri Hrubes claimed she saw a white Woods Cross officer pull his gun on her son, DJ Hrubes, playing by himself in his grandparents' yard.

“I was just playing, running,” DJ told Fox13. "He pulled a gun out and I had to do this and I laid down, like this."

He didn't have any suspicious looking objects, yet officers told him to hit the ground. When DJ asked why, the officer allegedly told him not to ask any questions.

Hrubes, who is white, said when she saw what happened, she tried to intervene, informing the officer that her son was a child: "What are you doing? This is a 10-year-old child," Hrubbs said.

Her son is mentally delayed and can't see well. After Hrubes reported the incident, the officer came back to the house to say sorry. The boy forgave him. But his parents worry that as a black child he's not safe in her parents' predominantly white community.

"I support all police officers. I see good in them," Hrubes said. "But, I do not support putting a child of 10-years-old at gunpoint with no explanation. . . Does he look like he's 30? Does he look like he's 18? No."

Research has shown that black children are frequently viewed as older and more dangerous than white.