WATCH: Axios reporter catches Steve Bannon in a hilarious lie
Steve Bannon with Axios' Jonathan Swan (Photo: Screen capture)

Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini has only met Steve Bannon twice, he said, and barely knows him. But the infamous right-wing strategist cited him as someone who can verify that his group in Europe has done amazing work.

Bannon's activist school was shut down recently with little to show for the millions he's attempted to raise for it. But Bannon refutes the claim that it was all a waste of time. He told Jonathan Swan that they've done "tremendous things."

"I think Salvini would say these are solid guys, they've given us a lot of real-world advice," Bannon said.

"So, we spoke to Salvini and he said he's spoken to you twice in his life," Swan revealed.

"Well, I mean, he, he," Bannon stuttered.

"Is that true?" Swan asked.

Bannon said it was closer to three or four times.

Watch the clip below: