HBO’s Maher pushes viewers to mock Trump’s ‘cocked and loaded’ tweet with profoundly obscene hashtag
Bill Maher gives his monologue on HBO/Screenshot

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher ripped President Donald Trump during the 500th broadcast of his show on Friday.

The host ridiculed Trump's approach to Iran.

"He has to do the reality show bullsh*t, 'Will I bomb Iran or will I call the bombers back at the last moment'? -- we'll find out, stay tuned," he explained.

He noted Trump had tweeted out "cocked and loaded."

"'Cocked and Loaded,' we looked it up, is the name of a gay porn movie," Maher noted.

"I'm not making this up, with the subtitle, 'a gang bang daddy f*ck,'" he continued.

"Which is a pretty good summary of the last two and a half years," he joked.

"So I'd like of you to hashtag 'gang bang daddy f*ck' as a gift to ourselves for the 500th episode," he requested.

He then chanted the phrase.