WATCH: One dead in crane collapses in Dallas -- slicing into building next to it
Crane Collapse in Dallas (Photo: Screen capture)

Severe weather in Texas caused a massive crane to collapse onto a building in Dallas, Texas Sunday. At least one person has been killed and seven injured.

Video footage shows the winds blowing debris off of the top of one building that was being constructed near another crane. No tornado warning was issued and none were reported in the area, but the winds were extremely powerful.

A woman told CNN on the phone that she put her child in the car and rushed to try and rescue. One woman who lived on the fourth floor was found on the second floor, she said.

One man expressed how lucky he was because it missed his apartment by just two units.

A local Fox reporter went inside the building, showing the way the crane sliced through the building.

From a distance away, one person captured the moment the crane fell.