WATCH: Trump gives a rambling and nonsensical response to CNBC question about big tech companies
President Donald Trump gets interviewed on CNBC (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Monday delivered a long and rambling response during an interview on CNBC when asked about whether America's big tech companies need to be broken up.

After a CNBC host asked the president whether he thought major American tech firms were too large and needed to be reduced in size to maintain a competitive market, Trump went off on a long rant about the European Union and the way they treat American companies.

"I'll tell you this: The European Union, which is a fantastic group of negotiators, they actually, a very, very prominent person who you know well, who's on your show a lot, said the person at the European Union that is in charge of taxation hates the United States more than any person anywhere in the world," Trump began. "But I really believe that's true! Every week you see them going after Facebook and Apple and all of these companies that are great companies. There's something going on."

The president then said that, even though he believed that the EU was suing American tech companies because they "hate" America, it would also be a good idea for the United States to follow their example.

"When they give European Union $7 billion and $5 billion and $2 billion, you know, Apple gets sued for $10 billion, and you know, right now it's going on and they'll end up settling, they get all this money," he said. "Well, we should be doing that! They're our companies, so they're actually attacking our companies. But we should be doing what they're doing! They think there's a monopoly, but I'm not sure that they think that, they just figure this is easy money, we'll sue Apple for $7 billion and we'll either settle or win the case. So I think it's a bad situation but obviously there is something going on in terms of monopoly."

Watch the video below.