WATCH: Viral ‘dancing cop’ slugs an unarmed black man in dramatic video
Columbus Police officer Anthony Johnson [Photo: Screenshot from Instagram]

Columbus, Ohio police officer Anthony Johnson often boast about his positive relationship with the community he works in.

"I grew up hating the police... now I'm a police officer. I grew up in the same streets I now protect," Johnson's Instagram bio states.

However, in a viral video, Johnson is seen hitting an unarmed black man in front of his family. According to 10TV News, Johnson is under fire after the cell phone video captured him punching Jonathan Robinson.

"Officers responded to reports of shots fired in the area near the Stanley Avenue home. According to witnesses, officers ordered the adults out of the home with suspicion an armed individual was in the home," the report said. "Police reports indicate the officer involved in the situation is listed as Officer Johnson."

The Columbus Police Department said the force was necessary.

"Interim Chief Tom Quinlan has reviewed the video, and while uses of force can appear shocking, the officer on preliminary review was protecting bystanders during the call," the report added.

As for Robinson, he explained that he was just trying to protect his family.

"Initially, I'm there approaching the officer because he has a weapon. My wife, my two children, are right there," Robinson told 10TV News. "He has a weapon, and his finger is on the trigger, he's moving toward her, he has his arm out toward my wife."

Robinson was charged with disorderly conduct and impeding official business.

Watch the video below: