'Where?': Trump fans told to seek shelter from storm after waiting in line for hours
Trump rally sees severe weather (Photos: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump is scheduled to launch his campaign Tuesday evening. But his supporters are being told to seek shelter as the weather gets worse.

Trump supporters held tailgates and by noon Tuesday, thousands were waiting to enter the arena. That's when it began to rain and within hours the rain turned into storms.

"They won't let us inside the Amway [Center] so we're all out here with this stupid message, saying, 'We strongly suggest that you seek shelter,'" one woman can be heard saying over a video of the crowd. "Where on earth are we going to seek shelter? We're all under these little umbrellas."

She went on to show video of another supporter she said was given a broken umbrella.

People were not allowed to enter the Amway Center, despite the storm. They were allowed in about an hour later after the storm had ended.

Watch the video below: