'White woman problems': Twitter stomps 'lifestyle guru' after she goes berserk over checkout glitch at Target
Meaghan Mooney

A self-described "lifestyle guru" and TV host is coming under fire after she raged on Twitter about problems purchasing items at Target.

In a tweet on Saturday, Meaghan Mooney demanded Target "make good" after she was not able to immediately purchase a cart filled with goods.

"I just filled my l cart w/ hundreds of $ of merch I need TODAY, but REGISTERS ARE DOWN GLOBALLY???" Mooney wrote. "And NOW after I begging your staff to put my items on hold, I only have till EOD?? 1 inconvenience after the next. How will you be making good w us consumers?!"

The tweet hit a nerve on Twitter, where some users wished Mooney, who works for NBC 10, would put the same amount of energy into social justice efforts. Many commenters offered "thoughts and prayers" to the lifestyle guru.

Read some of the tweets below.