Windmills and invisible planes: Bill Maher walks through all of the insane fake-facts Trump believes
Bill Maher explains why liberals lose culture wars during his HBO special/Screenshot

On Monday's edition of "Cuomo Prime Time," CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed HBO comedian Bill Maher about his view of Trump's pathological lying.

"The pushback ... is that both sides are distorting the facts. Both sides are stretching what is real and true," said Cuomo. "Do you accept that or do you see one side as the agitator?"

"Of course not," said Maher. "Both sides do a version of spin. But one side plainly is leagues worse than the other and size matters."

"You could do a whole book about Trump called 'he thinks,'" Maher continued. "Just stuff he thinks that no one else thinks. I mean, he's lately been having a feud with the wind. He talks about the wind a lot. He literally said it's great that I'm president because if I wasn't, America would be running on wind power and that would be very bad because the wind only blows sometimes. He literally thinks wind power is dependent on windmills like in Don Quixote days — he thinks that. He thinks — he says it all the time. The stealth fighter is literally invisible."

"Do you think he's playing what he sees as people's ignorance or do you think it's an echo of his own?"

"I think it's his own. I think it's a combination of both." said Maher. "He's had a lot of tutorials. Take something like climate, when he came into office, Ivanka talked to him. Leo DiCaprio came. He entertained Al Gore. But he still tweets about if it's cold out in the winter, there's your global warming."

"He doesn't get the difference between weather or climate, although one of his golf clubs asked for a sea wall because of the effects of it," chimed in Cuomo.

"Okay, but you tell me. Is that someone that doesn't understand it or he's just trolling?" said Maher. "I think a lot of times he's just owning the libs. That's what Republicans do in this era, more than any policy. They want to make liberals cry."