'All you have to do is Twitter flirt' with Trump to get him to do what you want: Congressman
President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in Vietnam. Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

A Democratic Congressman accused President Donald Trump of refusing to adhere to a "mature" international policy.

"Look, this is a politics of foreign policy driven by this president's deep, dark insecurities," Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) told CNN's Jake Tapper Monday. "Apparently, at this point, all you have to do is Twitter-flirt with this president and compliment his hair and you could get whatever you want."

He called it nothing more than theatrics, noting it was "disappointing" to see an American president stoop to this level. Rose went on to say that there was no clear negotiation or clear strategy from the Trump administration. Meanwhile, China is being left in the dark.

"So, I do disagree with this notion that we should just relinquish this and set up as an ultimatum because -- look beyond the region," he continued. "This is an invitation to nations like Iran, and God knows who else, that there are no consequences to continued nuclear proliferation."

He went on to call it dangerous to institute another global race for nuclear weapons.

"It is clear that we have to engage with people and we can't have a utopian forum of geopolitics but with that being said, what we're doing right now is we are rewarding bad behavior," Rose continued. "[Reporter Jamal] Khashoggi is killed and -- and in response, we have further arms sales to Saudi Arabia and support them even more in the efforts in Yemen when it is a clearly a geopolitical race against Iran."

In Russia, Rose said the United States gives Vladimir Putin a sit down where they're joking about him hacking another American election.

"At one point or another, this president has got to understand that Vladimir Putin is laughing at him, not with him," Rose said. "We cannot reward attacks on the homeland and that is exactly what Russia did in 2016. So we can walk this fine line, this is what this country is all about, but it takes a mature foreign policy and right now we have exactly the opposite. "

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